Acting education – relevant information for potential actors

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

If you are planning to become an actor, then you should know that talent is not enough. A lot of the people you seen on the big screen have invested years and years in their education and training, so if you want to reach their level you will have to do the same thing. Being an actor involves a lot of discipline, skills and efforts. So in case you have always dreamed about getting an important part in a play, movie or TV series, then you need to start working towards achieving your dream with some time in advance. Fortunately, nowadays there are several educational alternatives you can choose from: specialized colleges, high schools and also additional institutions providing dedicated preparation for actor wannabes. Read on to discover some pieces of information that might help you if you are in the beginning of your professional journey in the industry.

Acting education - relevant information for potential actors
  1. College is not mandatory

There are plenty of reputable actors who have never attended the specialized classes of a college teaching exclusively acting classes. This can be due to multiple reasons, which are not even important. So in case there is no dedicated college or high school near you, and you cannot afford moving to another city or even country in your teen years, you can still dream about becoming an actor. If you work diligently, discipline yourself and take any opportunity that might appear, there is nothing to worry about. At some point, something huge will come along and you will manage to find the right path towards your acting career.

  1. There are other organizations providing specialized training

Although college is not mandatory, you will still need to take some courses and get a professional degree in acting. The good news is that you can always choose an ecole theatre, which offers not only theoretical formation, but also practical classes during which you can put your talent and skills into application. Receiving constant feedback and attention from specialized teachers will definitely help you improve your work. Furthermore, here you will be working with reputable names of the acting industry that will share their knowledge and help you shape your skills. This way, you can create a network of contacts consisting in directors, actors and script writers, who can keep an eye on your evolution and even recommend you for certain parts, once you are ready for this.


  1. You need to attend auditions

In any actor’s career, auditions are extremely important. It actually does not matter whether these are successful or not, if you get the part or not, just attend auditions. These will help you understand the industry better, the market demand and also yourself. In time, you will discover which parts are right for you and which are the skills you have to improve for the next interview. All in all, any experience is positive because it will help you grow, so do not let yourself down if you get negative answers, but learn from these situations.