Becoming a software engineer in 2020 – what does it take?

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Despite the common misconception, you can become a software engineer even if you don’t graduate college. It doesn’t really matter if you feel stuck in your job or if you want to enter another industry, becoming a software engineer is within your grasp, as long as you’re willing to work hard. 

Becoming a software engineer in 2020

Why would you want to pursue this career? One of the reasons is that the average salary is $103,000 per year. But we should also mention that it’s one of the most lucrative technology careers because everyone is looking for a software developer right now. It’s expected the job to register a growth rate of 20% in the following years. 

And even if it may sound surprising, despite the great number of job opportunities and positive outlook, only 3% of people study computer or information science. So, there is a great need for professionals who want to work in the computing world. 

How can you become a software engineer if you don’t engage in college classes?


Decide what your goal is in software engineering

It’s not simple to transition from a career to another. But it’s important to have a final destination in mind to maintain motivation during the bumpy road. A clear goal looks like this 

  • I want to work for a professional tech company that offers SystemutviklingI want to start my own company in an industry I like working
  • I want to start a team of experts and get paid well

If you want your journey to be successful, be specific about your goal. It will help you stay committed to becoming a full-time software developer. 

Pick a good software engineering to learn

You’ll probably get stuck at the beginning because you won’t know what engineering language to start learning. There is Ruby on Rails, Python and Django. There are too many options. But it’s important to pick one because once you’ll master it, it gets easier to transition to another one. The software developers that offer services like Nettskyløsninger technology know more than one programming languages. You should pick the company you want to work from and identify the language they are asking. It’s a great point to start from. 

Practice more than software developing

You want to become a software engineer, but most of the companies ask more extensive skills, so you should check their requirements. Dedicate your time to learning Elektronikkproduksjon and other skills that will help you land the job you want. You cannot get a programming job after 10 hours of practice. You need thousands of hours to become an expert in an area. You must dedicate seriously to this. The average course takes from 4 to 9 months and you’ll learn for around 8 hours a week to acquire the same knowledge an entry-level has.

The Internet provides you with all the tools you need to dive into the software engineering industry, but you need to solidify the concepts you learn through practice. Get in touch with a professional and ask for their guidance.