Christianity for 21st Century People

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

   Religion and perhaps Christianity more than all, are very controversial subjects these days because many people feel they no longer adapt to our present and force Christians to live by rules thousands of years old. Perhaps one of the most important reasons these things are debated is the fact that in today’s society, sexuality is starting to be accepted, declared, discussed and even flaunted, whereas the Church is firmly against this. Nevertheless, as with everything, there seem to be people, even within the Church, who wish to adapt to our present reality and encourage people to be more open about sex and sexuality and to help them remove any guilt about wanting to have an active and pleasant sexual marital life. One such person is Ed Young Jr., a Texan pastor who professes that the Bible actually makes reference to the sexual lives of Christians.

On his website, Creative Pastors with Ed Young Jr., this forward-thinking pastor imparts his knowledge and wisdom and shares his thoughts and beliefs, helping people around the world cope with their troubles. Creative Pastors with Ed Young Jr. presents people with solutions on how to reconcile a good, Christian life, with the marital needs of a couple. Many accuse Pastor Ed Young Jr. of teaching people that sex is a good thing that should be performed for pleasure, whereas the Bible never mentions nor condones this. As a response, Ed Young Jr. supports his sermons and teachings on the Bible and Bible alone, showing that the subject of marital sex is indeed approached in the Holy Book and that it is actually important for the happiness and well-being of the couple.

On Creative Pastors with Ed Young Jr. those interested can also find, besides sermons, advice, teachings and news, reviews of some of the books that the Texan Pastor wrote, including his most famous and controversial one, Sexperiment, which is a guide for married couples who wish to find happiness both in the bedroom and in other aspects of their lives.

Ed Young Jr. may not be the only representative of Christ who professes more liberal attitudes to his congregation, but he is surely the most famous because of the entire stir his books and teachings have caused. Nonetheless, he has many, many followers who believe in him and his good faith and who are pleased that finally someone in the Church is addressing more delicate subjects like sexuality as well. If you are interested in more information about Ed Young Jr. and what he stands for.