Education in America

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Education in America is not only focused on the native people, but also takes into account the international students who year by year choose to study at world’s best universities. According to recent multicultural education articles, the reason America puts so much information in this area is caused by its need to maintain its statute of superpower. It needs experts, intelligent people, scientific researchers who can contribute to the innovation of the American power and keep it high.

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If there were any other countries in the world who can reach the level of the American people, then America will definitely take all the necessary steps in order to protect its position. One of these is oriented towards education which must be accessible to everyone. America is probably the country which so far, has the highest acceptance rate towards multiculturalism, a fact well reflected by multicultural education articles which show the effort that the government puts into providing easy access to education to all the citizens.

Whereas primary education has to be attended by everyone, higher education is an option for those who want to continue their studies and if they are not interested in it, there are no laws that can constrain them to do so.

As far as higher education is concerned, there are both public and private institutions which provide education of high quality and it is up to everyone’s choice to do what they want: either using a scholarship or paying with their own money the courses they attend.

We have chosen to highlight the fact that education in America is not only present in the private field, but most of all, it is part of the public sector. This idea is valuable from the first level of education that starts at the age of five and can end at eighteen years old.

These ages are not the same in every state. In some of them the beginning age can reach even eight years old, whereas the finishing age can be fourteen. There are public schools who are ready to teach children using public investments, as well as private schools certified by the state and even programs approved to the taught at home.

It is up to the student to choose how he wants or how he can afford attending primary school, secondary school or any other level that is part of the educational process. After he has made its decision, he needs to take all the necessary steps in order to express his interest in studying what he has chosen.
Even though many Americans have serious issues with their increased level of analphabetism, many people, particularly foreign students, choose to attend American universities in order to improve themselves, their careers and thus they gain the chance to lead a better life.

It is one of the major interests of the American people to invest in knowledge, technology, communication and social networks, because it allows them to maintain the control all over the world and remain the first global power for a longer period of time.