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Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Education has been for a long time the main focus for scientists, public officers and politicians, as it has a strong influence on the way humanity is supposed to evolve in the future. There have been written numerous inspirational quotes related to education, school, teachers and knowledge in general, but of all the authors of educational quotes one must remember Socrates and Cicero.

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When talking about education quotes, the first thing that comes into our minds refer to the teacher, the student, the exam and, of course, the limitless hours of study. Reality is rather different, though, as it is right in front of our eyes and shows us enough obstacles in obtaining useful results. It is said that the one who studies, the one who has a book, will always be rewarded for his merits, for his interests, knowledge and intelligence. But how far can a student who has just graduated university can reach nowadays?

How many people are ready to confirm the fact that school changes your perspectives of live totally and makes you think in a global manner? Is education the key to success for this globalized world? Is it enough to have schools only for a few percentage of the entire population of the globe, whereas in other corners of the world people barely know how to spell their names?

The answer is that we definitely have a word to say when it comes to education quotes. You do not need to be Socrates, Aristotle or Einstein in order to be able to introduce your own point of view regarding this aspect. Education is made with teachers, with resource-people, who are ready to share their knowledge, teach their students and spread information all over the world.

If in the past education quotes used to put a high accent on improving your social condition and offering you’re an air of superiority, nowadays, being educated allows you to have a better life, hope for greater perspectives and be more powerful in front of the challenges you encounter day by day. Education has stopped being a luxury as it used to be in the past and became a serious necessity for the people all over the world, in order to survive.

As Edith Ann used to say, when we talk about education in these days, we refer to new questions rising from what we have been taught. A great teacher is the one that after having offered you some information, has also increased your interest in that field and, thereby, your curiosity.

However, as Hector Berlioz said, time is one of the best teachers in every one’s life, despite the fact that it eventually kills all of us! We must add, on the other hand, that there is no better teacher than ourselves, because the choices we make, our mistakes, our success and failures have a serious impact on the way we continue to behave!