Help your child study abroad –tips for saving money

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Offering their children the best education possible is what most parents want. There are many teenagers who dream of studying abroad after graduating from high school, but sometimes parents cannot afford paying for their abroad program. If this is your child’s biggest desire, you should do your best to fulfil it. There are numerous methods through which you could save money to send your child to study abroad and to live in a proper student accommodation Glasgow for the study years. Read some of these methods below.

Help your child study abroad tips for saving money

Discuss about money early on

The moment you notice the idea of study abroad starts to take roots in your child’s head it is also time to discuss with them about the level of responsibility they will have in making this possible. Even though you might have enough money to sustain them the entire period, it is recommended to tell them they will have to work hard and make sure they have enough money for their study program. By doing this, they will understand how important it is for them to follow their dreams and go abroad to study something they are most passionate about.

Work together on this

You have to encourage your child to do whatever it takes to earn a certain amount of money for this to be possible. A part-time job during the summer might help them earn some money. Another idea is to have your entire family involved and organize together a garage sale. The money raised from this will motivate your child even more to go and study abroad.

Do not stick only to those shiny brochures

The most common place to learn more about study abroad programs is fairs. After attending such study abroad fairs, most teenagers come home with a bunch of shiny brochures and present all those interesting things to their parents. However, it is commonly known that most of those brochures are from expensive program providers. You should encourage your child look for study abroad programs in less common destinations, not only because these ones are cheaper, but also because it will be a great experience for them. They will have the chance to explore the world with less money.

Scholarships are a great idea

The best option for families who are on a tight budget, but still want their children to study at great colleges or universities is to encourage their children apply for scholarships. However, in order to benefit from this opportunity, it is important to think about it from early on. Do some research online and look for the scholarships and grants that best suit both yours and your child’s needs and budget.

Various ways to raise funds

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous ways that you can raise funds and one of the most entertaining and fun of them is to organize a fundraising party. Host a community event in order to be able to raise funds for your child’s experience. Some examples are pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, entrance chargers and so on.