Talk in Front of Class

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Most people get scared when they hear that they have to speak in public. People get anxious when they have to talk to a group of stranger because they fear that they will make a mistake or that they will be judged. The most difficult time is when you are asked to hold an idea or a speech in front of your peers. There is a lot of pressure because these are people who you look up to and you do not want to disappoint them. If you have this fear all you have to do is learn how to control it and if you achieve this you will have no problem in facing people while you are holding a speech. The key elements to success is relaxation and preparing yourself.


Before you stand in front of your class to speak about a subject make sure that you know all the information required. If you understand the subject you will feel more confident and fearless. When you have a paper to present you should write a speech and practice it. Write the speech as long as you feel it is necessary after which read it out loud and remove the words or sentences which do not make sense. The reason why you are not limited when writing a speech is because while on paper it may seem long when you read it out loud is shorter.

When you are given the assignment ask your teacher if you have to memorize the speech or if you can make memory cards. If you have to memorize the speech you have no way out but if you are allowed with memory cards you can write the main ideas and build your speech around them. Whatever you do don’t start writing the whole speech on memory cards.

As you prepare yourself for your speech as you family or friends to listen to you and give you some advice where needed. Another alternative is to talk in front of a mirror, this way you are able to control any unappropriated ticks. Watch out not to speak to loud or to low, that you have a posture and that every bit of your speech can be understood by everyone.

Once you have finished with your speech make a list of potential questions which the teacher or your class mates can put. By doing this you reduce the stress of not knowing what to answer.