How to Handle a Child’s Tantrum in a Kindergarten Classroom

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Children tantrums are never unpleasant things but they are quite often when your child attends kindergarten. This is the way the students test their limits and see with how much they can get away and not get punished. When you are a teacher who has to confront with children tantrums you have to be as gentle as possible and let them know that this behavior is not acceptable and that you will not put up with it. You should let your students know from the beginning that you would like the tantrums to be as seldom as possible.

Always have a positive attitude when you see a student having a tantrum. Never tell your student what you do not want him to do, always tell him what you want him to do. Having to deal with someone else’s child  is already a big challenge, but dealing with one who is having a tantrum can be really mind-boggling, because you don’t want to scare the child, just get them to tell you want the problem is and try to solve it. Lots of teachers and educators lack the psychological preparation to deal with younger persons, but you can take matters into your own hands and visit websites like www.yesplususa.org which at least offer you some basic knowledge of how to deal with common children’s issues, especially in the classroom.


When you see a child starting to have a tantrum distract him as quickly as you can so that you can avoid any problems. He may be throwing a tantrum because somebody took a book that he wanted. If this happens then you have to find him another book but in the other part of the room so that he would not be tempted to pick on the other child again. You will see that most children forget as soon as you remove them from that area, they will start to play as if nothing happened. Try distracting them with different objects like toys and colorful images.  Rubik’s cubes can be fascinating to a four-year old who’s never seen something like that before

Another thing you have to do is remind the children at the beginning of each lesson that you will not tolerate any tantrums, some children need to be reminded from time to time because they forget.

When you see a child starting a tantrum do not yell at him and talk to him from a superior level because that will make matters worse and the child will not learn anything. What you have to do is go down to his level and speak with calm, asking him what happened.

After every tantrum do to sit next to the child and constantly remind him that you are upset, simply move on and just remind him from time to time that this behavior is not appropriate. By doing this the child will realize that what he done was not good and he will think twice before doing it again.

This is how you should handle a tantrum when you are a teacher at a kindergarten.