How to Improve Communication Between Teachers and Students

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

It is very important that teachers and students get along because if they can not communicate well than the teacher’s objectives will never be fulfilled. As teacher it is very important that your students understand what you are saying and that they open to you when it comes to studying. If you notice that your students have a hard time understanding you or that they do not get your course at all then it is time for a change in your strategy. You have to apply simpler strategies which encourage your students to communicate thus making the course go smoothly all year long.


At the beginning of the year tell you students what are your expectations because this way they will not get caught off guard and they will be able to plan their study better. What you should do is give your students an idea on how the school year is going to enfold and also how a day in class is going to happen. You should give them some simple rules that they have to follow. If you want your students to present you their homework at the beginning of the class then you should tell them that, tell them when and where they should place their homework. By doing this you will see that your students will not get confused when you give them homework. Often students get confused about when they should present their homework. Do this and you will not end up with a lot of silly questions from your students. You can also look for sources on how to communicate with your students better and how to understand a child or teenager’s mind; websites like FamilyOcean.Com can offer great insight on how children think and what they react to; keeping their interest in class can be difficult when you’re just discovering the world around you, but you can show them that school is an interesting part of that world as well.

Make sure that you include your students ideas into your learning plan. At the beginning of every unit you should ask your students to write on a piece of paper what and how they would like to learn. You should ask your students what type of projects they would like to do for certain units because some may like working in groups while others may like working alone.

When you give out an assignment you should ask your students what kind of assignment they would like because this way they will focus on what they have to do. If they feel that you respect their desires even a little they will respect the requirements and do their best, if not they will come to you with a bunch of questions and they will lack interest in what they have to do.