How to Increase Security in Schools

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

In order to protect the lives of both the students and the teachers, it’s vital for schools to enhance the safety and security level. However, it’s also important to not violate the rights of students. In the following articles, we’ll show some efficient small action steps that you should take in order to increase the security in schools.
How to Increase Security in Schools Picture How to Increase Security in Schools Picture

Install a camera surveillance system

To ensure that the students feel safe and secure while they are at school, the best solution is to install a surveillance system. Cameras can be placed both outside, in the school yard, and inside classrooms or on the hallway. A good-quality security camera system must feature a digital video recorder, that triggers an alarm if any suspicious movement is detected. With so many models available on the market, take some time to read the pros and cons of security systems so that you get more familiar with the way they function.

Recognizing potential threats

Before taking serious safety measures, such as installing devices that can detect movement, trigger alarms and record videos, consider training the school staff to recognize threats or dangers that might be found along the way. You can do this very easily, by contacting experts skilled in recognizing potential threats and ask them to train the school staff how to be vigilant and stay alert, before it’s too late.

Allow students to get familiar with the safety measures

Don’t rush into installing the best security system without making sure first that the students are aware of them. School authorities should introduce any measures that may or may not be regarded as the violation of students’rights. Students need to learn that these methods are indeed harmless and that it’s for their own good.

Living in absolute freedom

When it comes to increasing security in schools, students, especially high-school students need to realize that while privacy and freedom are very important, it’s vital that they don’t abuse these rights. Sadly, these rights are not checked as often as they should and as a result, the security level is drastically decreased.

Improve student-teacher relationship

Showing that you care is one of the best ways to prevent violence and bullying in schools. Prevention is key. Students must know that they can always ask for support when they are dealing with some sort of a problem. They should also be aware of the fact that as a teacher, we’re trying to make them better as individuals and support them regardless of their choices.