How to Keep Children Focused

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

It is very important for you as an elementary school teacher to keep all your pupils focused on what you are trying to teach them. Since they are little if one of them looses focus he can easily make the other loose focus too. Do to worry because there are a couple of things you can do in order to avoid such unpleasant moments. If you manage to keep your children focused all class then they will learn what you are teaching them and they will love coming to school.


The key to little children is to keep them active because if they are forced to sit still for long periods of time they will immediately loose focus. You can do activities while you teach them things, for example you can teach them a poem or a math rules by using the clapping game. You will see that they will enjoy it and they will learn quicker than you can imagine because it is fun. You can also take them to the library when it is time for reading, this way you change the environment and also do some exercise.

Another motive why pupils lose interest in class is because they get hungry. You should include in your program a period when they can have a snack. Nobody can concentrate on an empty stomach which is why your children should have one. You will notice that once they have had their snack they will become more energetic and will concentrate better. One thing you should do is talk to the children’s parents and ask them to pack them a snack so that you do not get caught up in every child’s diet needs.

If you want your students to pay attention to what you are teaching you should ask them from time to time questions from the lesson. This way they will have to concentrate because they know that you are going to ask them questions and the will have to answer. Another thing you can do is ask your students to write a paper related to something you have thought them in that class and grade it so that they will not get the feeling that they are doing it for nothing.

Always encourage your students and tell them that they are doing a good job because they like to know that they are appreciated and that what they are doing is right.