Learn Basic Electronics

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

It is very useful to learn electronics these days because you can understand better how they work and why. We are surrounded by electronics everywhere because weather you know or not everything that need electricity is electronic because it requires it in order to function. To give you a few examples of electronics: computers, cell phones, the machines you use in your kitchen to cook(mixer, blender). Learning basic electronics can be a way through which you can understand how the modern world work since nowadays everything we use is electronic. You do not needs the help of someone to help you with this you can learn just fine on your own.


You can start your learning session by getting some books or e nooks on basic electronics. For starters you should learn terms such as: electron, conductor and insulator. Also you have to learn and understand the graphs of voltage and electronic flow.

Next on the study list should be looking at images and graphs and understand how electricity works in a device. A good idea is to read as much as you can find about Thomas Edison and the scientific discoveries he made before he invented the light bulb. You can go deeper into the study and understand how electricity can be controlled and how can you turn it on and off through a button, what happens there.

Begin with the basics, look through encyclopedias and you will find data about electricity starting with 1800. Read about the evolution of electricity starting with the 1800 and ending with the 21 century. You will see, as your read, how the first electronic devices worked and what were they made of and how they have changed and upgraded from then to present.

After you have learn the evolution of electronic devices you can observe how they work by taking a look at your own appliances which you have at home. Now that you know what a fixture is you can go into a room and test different fixtures. By taking you theory and putting it into practice you will be able to understand better.

If books are not enough for you consider taking an online course or a tutorial. A good way to get the books that you need is to go to the library and ask. Do not give up until you are satisfied with what you know.