Learn Home Design

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

If you have an artistic sense when it comes to decorating you home but you do not know the rules about home design we are here to tell you that you won’t have a hard time learning them. Home designing is an art which includes decorating and even remodeling a house from top to bottom. When you are thinking of decorating the goal is making the space functional but at the same time pleasant to the eye. If you want to decorate your dining room or living room you should know that these two spaces have to be welcoming and able to entertain guests. Weather you want to learn home design because you want to make a career out of this or just as a hobby you have a vast data base of information which you can choose from.


The first thing you should do when you are learning this subject is pick up the basics, such as: balance, scale, harmony, rhythm and proportion. Once you master all this terms you will be able to see the positive and the negative elements of the house and also the capability to evaluate a home design. Here is what the basic terms mean:

Scale: when you say scale than you mean the actual size of the features
Proportion: this means that all the elements in the room have to be proportionate
Balance: always has to be present in a home design. It can be achieved is a symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial
Rhythm: is translated into contrast, the presence of it in a room

Get some magazines and books on designs in order to observe what works and what doesn’t. Choose the elements which fit your personality and work together. If you want more serious learning you should sign up for a class dedicated to home design. If you are just drawn to this subject as a hobby you will learn a lot of things from this courses. You can choose from a wide range of subjects related to home design: you can choose handmade, flower arrangements.

If you want to make a career out of home design consider getting a diploma on this subject. You can pick a subject out of a list made by The Council for Interior Design Accreditation. The list is very well put together, the courser are classified according to state and subject.