Learn to Spell Words

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

For most people spelling words is not so hard to do. Many students say that it is not easy to learn how to spell but we all know that everyone has to build a big vocabulary and able to spell right. Learning how to spell is not impossible to do but it requires a lot of dedication and commitment. You to can be a great speller if you are determined enough and a hard worker. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to learn to spell words.


The first thing you have o do is put a schedule which will help you manage your time. To this schedule add a certain amount of time when all you do is learn how to spell words. Do not hurry and try to learn as much words as you can in a short amount of time because it is not good, what you have to do is start with simple words and as you advance you can add more complex words. A good example of studying time is picking 10 words each week and rehears them three times a week. Make sure that you do not neglect other activities but that you save enough time to do this too.

What you have to do is practice as much as you can writing words. Write the words until you are certain that you can spell the correctly. In order to spell one word correctly you have to write him as much as you need to also get a dictionary because it will help you with the pronunciation and explanation of the word.

Make you job easy and ask a friend or classmate to help you with you spelling. This will help you because your friend can read the word and you can spell it. You can learn more words this way. Now that you have learn how to spell the words is time to learn how to use them in a sentence. Don’t think of complicated phrases, go for simple ones which make sense.

At the end of each week take a look again that the words you learned and spell them again just to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. Do not move to the next ten words if you are not sure that you are mastering them. Once you have learned them do not forget them and move on to the next, make a recap once every couple of weeks.