Teach Good Table Manners

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Learning good manners is very important in a person’s life. It is very important that you teach your children table manners because this way it will become a habit and they will be able to go out in the society and not make a fool of themselves. All you have to do is make them lose their old habits and introduce them with the proper ones. By teaching your kids good table manners you will be able to see your own level of manners. If you want you people to be appreciated when they sit at a table you have to be persistent and very creative because kinds get bored easily.


You have to make your kid understand why it is important that he learns table manners. Explain to him that having good table manners shows the others that you have a respect towards him. If you are stressed when you have to show that you have good manners means that you want to get along with the others and that you are obedient. To better understand the consequences on not having good table manners you have to give examples which you kid can understand, they should be age appropriate.

Encourage you children to be the best in table manners, to make you and themselves proud when they are sitting at a table. What you have to do is set a good example, if you want your children to have good table manners you also have to show them that you have them, you should be the perfect example to follow. When you see an opportunity coming up take advantage of it no matter if you are at home an in public and show your child the right way to eat.

The best way to make you children know when they are doing something that they should not be doing at the table is confronting them right when they are doing them. What ever you do keep the conversation comfortable and open because you want them to understand where they have done wrong and not create a wall between you and you children. Some of the things you should be correcting are: talking with your mouth full, roughhousing at the table and making faces when they are presented with a dish which is unfamiliar to them. Be careful not to embarrass them because they will feel offended.