Use a Speech Teleprompter

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

The teleprompter represent one big help for the public officials, news casts and other media people who have to hold a speech, but do not have to memorize the whole text. This machine works this way: the speech is projected on two screen which are placed on the sides of the stage and the third one is a by TV placed in front of the speaker. When a person has the possibility to use a teleprompter he has can concentrate more on the technique of public communication. Weather you are a beginner or an experienced speaker is of no importance because learning how to use a teleprompter takes time and a lot of practice.


The first and most important thing is to write a interesting speech because even if you use a teleprompter it will not make it sound better. Once you have wrote the speech start reading it out loud because it is a known fact that the it sound different when you hear it than when you read it. To make sure that it sound good ask your friends or a member of your family to listen to you and give you some advice.

Make sure that when you write the speech you address it to you audience. The language should be appropriate to the audience. If you have to write a speech for a technique event you do not have to explain every term in your text because the people who are going to be there are familiar with these words. The main focuses of your speech should be on the idea or product you want to sell to your audience.

An important tip is to keep a copy of the speech with you at all times because there have been times when the text had been introduced wrong in the prompter and it could not be read or the teleprompter did not work at all. When this happens you have to be prepared.

During your speech keep eye contact with the people standing in front of you. You can move from one prompter to the other so that is look more natural and you manage to cover the whole room. If you are a news reporter at a television you have to look into the camera while reading on the prompter. Make sure that you control the speech and that you are not dependent on the prompter.