Write a Debate Script

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

It is very important to have a debate script when you are participating at a debate, if you want to attack you opponent. The debate script should be very organized so you don’t get tangled in you arguments also you have to include refutations because you will be needing them in the debate. The way the script is wrote should seem natural to you, it should be in your personal rhythm and include all the subjects you want to bring to the table.


You have to be very well informed before you participate to a debate. It is very important that you master the subject of the debate otherwise you will be humiliated by you opponent. Also information is the base of your arguments, if you want to bring strong arguments you must be informed.

A good tip is to find the common thing which you and your components arguments have. It is not enough to build arguments based only on your perspective on the issue. If you can find the weakness in you opponents arguments you have a great shot in boosting your argument.

At the beginning you should write an introduction in which you will sum up the issue and what are your approaches regarding the main points.You should present the issue as it is and also say how it affects the world around us.

There is also a rule on organizing your arguments, strong arguments should be always the first ones on the list after which you can move on to you weak arguments. You should prioritize your arguments because it is a known fact that people are only attentive at the beginning of the speech. If you save your best for last you may end up speaking by yourself because most people do not pay attention when the speech ends.

After you have fraught in arguments with your opponents it is time you have to end with a conclusion. The ending should be similar with the beginning, it should have a general view of the issue. While you are closing your speech make some critics regarding you opponents arguments just so your arguments reach the spot light.

This is how you write a debate script. For this you have to be very confident and very informed if you do not want to be defeated by you opponent from the first argument.