Importance of education

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

We all know that from ancient times, education has played a primary role in the development and social reconnaissance of a person. Thus there have been written programs, new procedures were applied and equipment of high technology was used in order to help people, students and teachers obtain higher performances in the educational area. The importance of education is explained by the benefits acquired by students who already have a diploma in a specified area and therefore are being recommended for a specific work field.

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Education has some specific key words that many people already have in their minds: methods, school, classes, knowledge and society. Education is not made only in the rural areas or particularly in the urban zones. Also, there is no need in establishing a clear line between what we learn at school and what we learn in the society we live in. It is important to know, though, that formal education can be taught at school, whereas the informal part remains available for us in our private lives.

It is part of the educational process knowing how to act, how to talk, how to behave and have a normal life, while reading, writing, making calculations and expressing one’s thoughts are included in the same field, but with some specifications. The reason these need to be explained is caused by the connection that is usually created between what we learn, what we study and the way our behavior changes as a matter of habitude.

We can even talk about an educational experience, as it is inspired from the events we take part into day by day and the perspectives we have after getting through these moments. Our ability to take a piece of information out of context and place it in a similar one, as well as the idea to take a theoretic concept and apply it into the real world is part of the educational process. This concept should be applied from an early age in order for children to understand that the things they are learning will actually serve a purpose later in life. For example, when teaching children about square footage, they should know that this is basic knowledge which they will use in everyday scenarios. You need this knowledge if you ever want to redecorate a home or design a garden. There are of course online websites which can help with the calculations such as www.squarefootagecalc.net. However, teaching children to always rely on technology will in no way encourage innovation. Children must understand what they are learning if they are ever to apply that knowledge in everyday life.

What about the atmosphere that lies among students during the courses? It is also part of the importance that one must offer to education, because if the students are relaxed, involved, interested in a specific field, the efficiency of the course will be increased. On the other hand, if there is any problem with the teacher-student relationship or if there is no connection at all between the two of them, then the importation of education is reduced little by little and its effectiveness disappears.

People need education from early ages and they cannot stop from learning unless they become old or ill. The society we live in has shown us that during history the importance of education has met various progresses and nowadays it has reached one of its highest rates.