Special Education

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

Strange as it may seem, there are people in this world who although have access to education, their bodies, cognitive skills and general abilities do not allow them to understand and be involved in the educational process as normal healthy people do. Special education is the field who takes care of them, by providing them special equipment, programs and teaching options.

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It is important to point out that special education focuses more on the individual relationship with the student and offers it a wider level of attention, support and understanding. First of all, there must be established a plan, therefore it has to be put into action and afterwards it is monitored step by step. According to the necessities, the lack of resources and the opportunity for improvement, relevant interventions are made in order to establish the discipline, order and normality within the educational process.

As people with special needs require some additional elements in the educational process, their self-sufficiency plays a significant role and thus it is the main concern for the teachers. They need to pay attention to this necessity and try to do everything that is at hand in order to allow students to reach a high level of education and successful results.

By saying special needs, we refer to the necessity to learn and to communicate even when the circumstances do not allow people to use their abilities at their highest level. The disabilities related to their bodies or their sensitive emotional conditions are included as well. This is where special education brings its contribution.

Every student is being offered the whole support that he needs, according to the importance of its disability. It can be either helped with additional services or with special technology and specialized teachers. The methods used are different from one person to another and the results of the measures taken have different impacts as well.

We may be tempted to include people with better intellectual abilities in the category of people with special needs as well, but we must draw a clear line between these two different areas. Special education is centered towards people with disabilities and insufficiencies and is not offered in order to improve giftedness.