What to do with old coursebooks once you finished school?

Written by Candace Carlson. Posted in Education

This is the question that many students ask themselves once they’ve finished their studies. Old coursebooks and textbooks are always a dilemma for students. Should you keep them for further confusions regarding the theory you’ve learned during school? Should you throw them away? This article will give you a few ideas to avoid simply throwing years of work out the window. The tips and tricks you find here are surely better than what you were thinking, so try to apply one of these to make someone happy or simply to make good use of the work you’ve put in:

What to do with old coursebooks once you finished school

Storing them away for future reference

In case you feel like you will still need the information included in your coursebooks or the notes that you’ve taken during your classes, the best idea is to store them away. Of course, they will take up a lot of space, so you need to think where you can keep them without damaging them. One of the best solutions is the garage. If you don’t own a garage, you can try looking up storage units Quebec and see if you can find a place nearby. In case you have no place to store them, but you still want to possess the information included there, go to a copy shop and scan all the coursebooks and textbooks you have. You can store them digitally. Then, you can

Donating them

There are so many students that are in need of coursebooks out there that it is impossible not to find a center that raises donations in this sense. Charitable institutions can even organize special events if you give them the idea and resources. Donating old coursebooks that are still in great condition can help other people learn what you did, thus giving them a chance to expand their knowledge. Many people can’t afford buying new coursebooks and a donation from you will definitely put a smile on their faces. If you have the opportunity to be kind, take it without hesitation. Non-profit thrift shops also accept donations. Choosing this method instead of throwing the books away is much more appropriate.

Trading them

You probably spent a lot of money on these coursebooks while you were in school, so you might be able to get some value returned. If not in cash, you can choose to participate in book trading events. During these events, people who are interested in your books can give you another one instead. This way, you obtain something new to read and the person who needed the coursebook actually makes good use of it. Attending book trading events is one of the best methods to find a new purpose to your old books, regardless of their type. If no other method is appealing to you, you can try selling the coursebooks to your younger colleagues for half the price you bought them for. Taking pictures of them and selling them online is another option you can try. Recycling should be your last option.